Klassisk 65

TEL 8613 1221

Mandag – Lørdag 12.15 – 16.00
– og igen 17.30 til sent
Søndage 10.00-14.00 og igen fra 17.30 til sent

Hjemmeside: klassiskbistro.dk

Experience a piece of France in Aarhus
Awarded the years’ Feel-Good experience in 2015,  White Guide Denmark.

Klassisk 65, Bistro & Wine bar is a French inspired bistro situated close to the railway station and the mall, Bruuns Galleri. There is always a casual atmosphere, and it is cosy and fun. The menu is based on French specialties and we have menus, that is either served the traditional way or the vegetarian way if it is preferred.

White Guide Denmark gives the award to:
A restaurant where it is especially nice to have a meal. It is not only about the food and drinks, it is also about the atmosphere and environment. The atmosphere is real and authentic and will make you feel extra comfortable, which gives you the feeling of wanting to come back.